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Managing Discussion Questions and Submitted Files

Discussion questions are an opportunity for the student to provide feedback about course concepts. They can be submitted through a quiz field or a submitted form, depending on how the Activity is set up. The instructions below will work with both submission types. (Click here to see how to submit a Discussion question as a student.)

To view and grade Discussion Question Attempts:

STEP 1: Click the Discussion Activity  from the Chapter view or the NAVIGATION pane.

STEP 2: Select View all submissions button to view all of the submissions or select the Grade button to grade submissions one at a time.

STEP 3: If you click View all submissions, it shows a table of all the students with information about their submissions. You may enter or edit the grade and provide feedback.

STEP 4: If you select Grade, it shows you a full view of the submissions one at a time. Use the Gear icon to the top left to edit the submission or use the arrows or Change user drop-down in the upper right to navigate between users.

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