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EHR Navigator Activities

Hands-on activities using the Web-based EHR Navigator provide you with practical experience using a realistic electronic health records (EHR) system. Each activity is an interactive tutorial designed to demonstrate an EHR concept. These activities are based on many inpatient and outpatient EHR systems and, therefore, are transferable to a variety of healthcare settings.

When you log in to the Navigator+ learning management system to launch the tutorials and complete the activities, you will be guided by audio through each step of the tutorial. The activities begin by reviewing various features and capabilities of the software. Once you have mastered the tutorials, you can apply the EHR concepts in the graded practice activities, graded assessments, and in the EHR Navigator sandbox.

Username and Password for the EHR Navigator Sandbox

IThe username and password for the EHR Navigator Sandbox is found within the Instructor eResources eBook that you will have access to within the course.

  1. In the Navigation Pane on the left side of the course, expand the Instructor-Only Resources option.
  2. Click the eBook link to open the Instructor eResources eBook.
  3. Click the Handouts link under the Delivery options.
  4. This will download a folder. Within the folder, click: Handouts, then click: EHR Navigator Sandbox Activities, then click one of the Case Studies.

This will open a Case Study for the you to review, or to provide handouts to the students to complete the EHR Navigator Sandbox activities. As the Sandbox is a specific platform within Navigator + for the students to practice what they have learned, there are no separate login credentials for the instructors. Both instructors and students will login and see the same material.

To view an Activity tutorial, log into Navigator+, select the chapter, and click the Activity name hyperlink.

When you click the Activity name, the activity launches in a separate browser window.

You will move step-by-step through the Activity by doing the highlighted tasks. The text shown in red is the text that you are to type. Be sure to type exactly what is shown on screen.

If you wish to watch the tutorial instead of interacting with it, use the navigation buttons to move from step to step in the Activity.

Navigation menu size

The navigational menu can be resized as needed.

When you get to the end of the tutorial Activity, click the Rerun button to view it again, or simply close the browser window to return to Navigator+.

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