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Managing EHR Navigator Assessments

EHR Navigator Assessments are designed to test the student’s knowledge of the electronic health records (EHR) skills taught in the Activity Tutorials. Using our Web-based EHR Navigator, students will experience the look and feel of using real-world EHR software.

Taking an Assessment

To take an Assessment, loginto your course, select the chapter, and then click the name of the Assessment in the EHR Assessments list section of the page.

Clicking the Assessment name will take you to the assessment description page. When you click the Attempt quiz now button, the EHR Navigator application launches within your browser.

In the lower right corner of the screen is a blue box outlining the tasks you are to complete. For tasks that involve typing, the text to be typed will be shown in red.

NOTE: You can click and drag to move and resize the instruction box if needed.

(need new screenshot image)

Upon completing all the tasks, click the Submit button.

Viewing Assessment Attempts

  1. To view student Assessment attempts, select the chapter, and then click the Assessment name.
  2. Click the Attempts link.
  3. Find the student and attempt you wish to view and click Review attempt.

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  1. Add comments and/or change any scores for individual steps by clicking the Make comment or override mark link. The Make comment or override score popup box is displayed.
  2. Enter an optional comment in the Comment text box.
  3. Enter a grade in the Grade text box.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. When finished, click Finish review.

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