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Exporting Grades from Grade Book

You can export grades from Navigator+ to a file you can then use for your own purposes.

To export grades

STEP 1: Click the Grades link in the NAVIGATION pane.

STEP 2: Click the Export tab Under Grader Report.

STEP 3: Choose your export file type by selecting the tab name with the preferred format under Export.  File formats include OpenDocument spreadsheet, Plain text file, Excel spreadsheet, or XML file.

STEP 4: Under the Grade items to be included drop-down, all activity content is checked or selected by default to be included in the export. Uncheck any activity to exclude from export.

STEP 5: Choose other format options under the Export format options drop-down You opt to Include feedback, require active enrollment, type of Grade displays, and the number of decimal types. Options vary by exporting file type.


STEP 6: Click the Download button. The Save As dialog box will prompt you to save the file. You can change the file name to your liking and save it in a spot of your choosing. Click Save.

Navigate to the location where the file was downloaded, and double-click the file to open.

You can now import this file into your designated learning management system using the importing procedure of that product.

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