Gradebook Setup

To view and edit Course grade settings

Select the Grades link on the NAVIGATION pane. Click the Setup tab.

Gradebook Setup:
The default tab under Setup is Gradebook setup. All the Activity Content should be listed. To configure grading setup for an activity, select the corresponding Edit link in the Actions column.

You will now see the Edit Grade item form.  Change any of the values in the fields you wish to change under Grade item or Parent category. Sections and fields are pictured below. Click Save changes to save any changes you have made.


Course grade setting

Course grade settings determine how the Gradebook appears for all participants in the course like rankings, percentages, and decimal points.

Mark any changes you have under General settings, Grade item settings, Overview report, and User report and then click Save changes.

Preferences: Grader report

Teachers can set their preferences for grading, like averages, icons, and calculations. These settings will apply to all courses for that teacher. The teacher may change them at any time.

For example, it’s possible to set the grader report to only show active participants or all participants (including suspended users) from the Show only active enrollments setting. Users may be suspended from the course by changing their status in Enrolled users>Edit enrollment. The user’s role must not be removed when suspending the user or they will not show up in the grader report even if Show only active enrollments option is set to No.

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