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Inviting Students or Teachers to your Course

STEP 1: In the NAVIGATION pane on the left, select a course to invite someone to.

STEP 2: Select Participants.

STEP 3: In the Participants page, select the gear icon to the right of All participants header.

STEP 4: On the right side of the page, select the Enroll Users button to display Enroll Users window.

STEP 5: An Enroll User window will appear. Select Teacher or Student in the Role drop down field.

STEP 6: Enter an email address for every person you’d like to invite to the course in the Email addresses field. Separate multiple emails by a comma or line.

STEP 7: Select Enroll Users when done. Navigator+ will now send email invites to those recipients.

STEP 8: A message “Your users have been invited to your course.” will appear on the page after Navigator+ has successfully sent the course invite. Since some email may have strict filtering settings, notify invited users to check their email spam folder if the course invite is not found immediately.


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