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Links and Web Activities

Under each chapter’s content, you will find of activities and resources for your course such as Web Projects, Content and Glossary links, Games, and Flash Cards.

Web Projects

Web Projects are tasks given to students to complete via research on the Internet. (i.e. Perform an Internet search and name three EHR software systems commonly used by physician offices.)

Once a student has completed the web project, the student will click Attempt quiz now on the same page as the prompt and complete the exercise. Web projects may require you to upload your response in a document file format; see Submitting a File or Discussion Response to learn more. The Instructor can then download and evaluate the answers.

These are links to content relevant to the chapter. These may be multimedia files or website links that are associated with a Web Project or may simply stand alone as a reference.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a memory training device that uses the concept of repetition. A flash card deck will present the student key terms or ideas  to be memorized. Flash cards are available for every chapter of the textbook.

The Flash card link for the chapter will be found under the Glossary and Flash Cards section for each chapter.

  • To flip a card from term to definition, click it. To move a card to one of the three colored boxes (Remaining Cards, Know, Don’t Know), click on the appropriate box. You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center.
  • A timer with a Pause button allows you to time how long it takes you to review the cards.

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