Sending Messages

STEP 1: To send a message, go to the Profile drop-down and select MESSAGES.

STEP 2: In the Messages page, go to the Contacts at the bottom of the left panel on the page, then enter the first few letters of your course name. A “Suggested Courses” result will display. Select your course name.

STEP 3: Once the course participants display, select a user to send a message to.

STEP 4: Begin entering your message in the Write a message text box and select Send when done.

STEP 5: Your message will appear above.

Managing Contacts

STEP 1: Select a contact from the left panel of the Messages page, then select the name on top of the main panel when it appears.

STEP 2: Options such as Send message, Block contact, or Add contact are available.

People may be added to your list of contacts by clicking the Add contact button under their name in the Messages window. Contacts are blocked from contacting you by clicking the Block contact button.

A record of messages sent to/from a person may be obtained by clicking the History icon by their name or by clicking Recent messages/All messages when they are displayed on the page.

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