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Navigating in the Course

After logging in, you will be shown your Home page. The Home page is divided into four sections.

User Account Management – Account Maintenance

The User Account Information Management drop-down is where the user can update profile information, view grades, and access the messaging functionality of the Navigator+.


The NAVIGATION pane on the left is where you access all course content related links. You can jump to specific chapters and sections, view grades, and view the Calendar.

Content Pane

The Content pane is the main panel where details of the content are viewed, such as Course Activities, Grades, content and exercises for students. This is also where course content management for instructors can be found.

Previous and Next Paging

The Previous and Next links help access the next or previous chapters or content activity groups. This will help you sequentially navigate through the content.


Jump To Chapter Drop-Down Navigation

At the bottom of the Content pane, you can also use the drop down jump to various chapters of the course.



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