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Pronunciation Coach

The Pronunciation Coach is a tool that allows you to hear the proper pronunciation of the medical terms you have learned in your Medical Terminology course and then practice pronouncing them yourself. Note that although this program can be used with the microphone that is built into a laptop, you will have greater accuracy in your recordings if you use a headset with a built-in microphone. Click Pronunciation Coach in the left NAVIGATION pane in your medical terminology course.

The Pronunciation Coach application that launches in a new tab gives you the chance to filter terms by chapter or by results. Select a filter option(s) and click SUBMIT. This will provide you with the terms that meet your submitted specifications.

Each term in the Pronunciation Coach comes with a pre-recorded pronunciation that you can listen to by clicking the Listen button.

To record your own attempt at pronouncing the term, click the RECORD button, say the word, then click the RECORD button again to finish. Once you have clicked the RECORD button again, your attempt is scored by the Pronunciation Coach. The Pronunciation Coach generates a score to indicate how close you were to the correct pronunciation. There are three possible results: Try Again, Nearly There, and Success. These three results align approximately with the following percentage levels of success:

Click the white Listen attempt button in the lower right to hear your most recent attempt. Your most recently recorded audio will be immediately available to you and your instructors. You may click the RECORD button again to re-record your attempt and improve on your score. Your highest score will be displayed for each term. Remember that you can filter your list of terms by chapter and/or your pronunciation results. This allows you to go back and update and improve on your pronunciations. If you want to use a new set of filter parameters, click the CLEAR button that appears within the filter feature, click SUBMIT, and then select the parameters for your next list of terms.

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