Quizzes are available for each chapter. Navigate to the quiz launch page by clicking the appropriate quiz in the chapter view. To start a new attempt, review previous attempts, or complete a previously unfinished attempt, click Attempt quiz now.

To complete an attempt, take the following steps

STEP 1: Select the Attempt quiz now button.

STEP 2: When finished answering the questions on the page, click Next page, if applicable.

STEP 3: When all the questions are answered and ready to submit, click Finish attempt ….

STEP 4: You will see a summary of the attempt. You may return to your attempt by clicking Return to attempt or submit your attempt by selecting Submit all and finish.

STEP 5: After submission, your attempt will be automatically graded and will display the result of your attempt for review.


STEP 6: Select Finish review on the QUIZ NAVIGATION pane to leave the quiz review.

STEP 7: Depending on how the instructor set up the quiz, you may be allowed to have multiple attempts of the quiz. To re-attempt, select Re-attempt quiz .



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