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Sending Messages to Course Participants

To send a group email message to students, start in the NAVIGATION pane and follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click the Participants link below the course name.

STEP 2: Select students by clicking the Select checkbox or use the Select all / Deselect all buttons. You can search for a specific student in the course by using the First name / Last name alpha letter filter.

Note: Clicking a specific letter in the name filter will limit the selection to those students with a matching first character of the filter letter. In addition, students’ names can be filtered using the Inactive drop-down list.

STEP 3: In the With selected users drop-down list, select Send a message. The Message course users page will be displayed.

STEP 4: Enter message in the message field. Select Send message button to send. Message can also be previewed before sending the message by selecting the Preview button.

Note: At this stage, you can also remove users from your list before sending by clicking Remove beside the recipient.



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