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Using the NRx Navigator in Pharmacy Labs

NRx Navigator provides web-based tutorials and live assessments designed to simulate a real-world pharmacy management system. The following provides information on how to use the NRx Navigator assessments.

Accessing the NRx Navigator

  1. Select an assessment activity to launch the NRx Navigator. Click the Attempt quiz now button.

  2. Read the activity instructions on the top of the screen or click the Instructions button in the top right corner to open the pop-up window.

  3. After logging in, select the common Rx processing task indicated in the instructions.

NRx Navigator User Interface

Activity Instructions

The activity instruction contains all the required steps to complete the activity.

Patient Documents and Instructions

The Patient Documents and Instructions buttons open the window that will display instructions and supplemental information needed to complete the activity.

Task Activity Window

The Task Activity Window area is where data entry or related tasks are completed.The task user interface varies depending on the type of task.

Task-specific Action Panel

After performing the required task activity, the Task-specific Action panel displays the options of what to do with the prepared data as indicated in the activity instructions.


The F-keys are used to select an item or to perform shortcut command. To display the F-keys on-screen buttons, select the F-keys button located in the upper right of the NRx interface.

Submitting and Resetting the Assessment Activity

After completing the assessment activity indicated in the instructions, the user may select the Submit button for the activity to be scored. The user may also re-attempt the activity by selecting the Reset Data button.


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